There's work to do in Ward 7. Kris is ready to work.

There's work to do in Ward 7.
Kris is ready to work.

Kris Andreychuk is a very genuine person who cares deeply about his community and raising his growing family in Ward 7. His work experience has him uniquely positioned to understand the problems and possibilities that lie ahead for Ward 7

What does Ward 7 need to do?

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Encourage Small Business Development

From Alberta Avenue to Abbotsfield, there are too many vacant lots in what could be prime real estate developments. Small business growth can not be left to chance.
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Build Sustainable Communities

When we see the symptoms of social disorder in our streets, we are literally watching our community break down. Ward 7 needs proper crime prevention.
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Build Effective Relationships

We need a leader who knows how to collaborate and takes the time to meet with all kinds of people and takes all kinds of perspectives into account.
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Have a Voice

Some people in Ward 7 feel the ward does not have a voice on City Council. We can't keep being bystanders to critical council decisions. We need to act.

What are people saying about Kris?

"I think the world of Kris — of his creative intelligence, his work ethic and his commitment to home and community. All of that, in one of the kindest men you will ever meet."
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Scott McKeen, Edmonton City Councillor for Ward 6
"As a Social Worker with a NET team Kris identifies innovative ways to make a positive difference by engaging others into action. He is well known and well respected by those in the community. He shows great skill when working with both community leaders and marginalized populations."
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Centre to End all sexual exploitation (C.E.A.S.E) Men of honour nomination
"Kris Andreychuk has demonstrated exemplary social action practice in the 118 Avenue area of Edmonton."
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University of Calgary Recognition of excellence

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