Edmonton is changing and so is Ward 7 – the population is growing, the demographics are shifting and the northeast borders of our city are expanding. This kind of growth and change brings all kinds of opportunities and challenges to our daily life.

Opportunities like infill policy and small business ventures. Challenges like social housing, crime prevention and infrastructure renewal. We need to be participating in these conversations. We need a voice that is active, engaged and truly representative of the people who call Ward 7 home.

I’ve been working in this part of the City for more than a decade and I know what needs to be done and how to best partner with the resources we have in Edmonton.


Encourage Small Business Development

Small business is important to Ward 7 and it is important to me. From Alberta Avenue to Abbottsfield, there are too many vacant lots in what could be prime real estate developments. Small business growth can not be left to chance. There’s work to do, and if you vote for me I will get to work.


Building effective relationships

In order to succeed on tough files we need a leader who knows how to collaborate. We need a leader who takes the time to meet with all kinds of people and takes all kinds of perspectives into account. I’ve been building this kind of collaboration on the streets and in the homes, businesses and boardrooms across Ward 7 for more than a decade.


Building sustainable communities

When we see the symptoms of social disorder in our streets – substance abuse, prostitution, derelict housing, pawn and payday loan shops – we are literally watching our community break down.  We all know that we cannot arrest our  way out of  being the Ward that has the  second highest crime incident rate in the City.  This is  the unfortunate title we’ve held for a number of years.    I’ve been working on reducing crime on Edmonton streets for much of my career, and with my expertise and connections to social agencies, first responders and police I would push hard for the kind of crime prevention that Ward 7 needs.


The Ward needs a voice

Some people in Ward 7 feel the ward does not have a voice on City Council.   For me, City Councillors need to represent all the people of their wards. It’s a big responsibility, one that I take seriously. We are a very diverse ward of rich people and poor people, first and second and third and fourth generations, with cultural backgrounds from across the world. If elected, I will work tirelessly to bring all of those voices to City Council. We can’t keep being bystanders to critical council decisions. We need to act.

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