What People are Saying


Scott McKeen, Edmonton City Councillor

“I think the world of Kris — of his creative intelligence, his work ethic and his commitment to home and community. All of that, in one of the kindest men you will ever meet.”


Dave Colburn, Former Chairman Edmonton Public School Board and Candidate for City Council Ward 7 Candidate, 2013

“Kris has the experience and commitment to be an effective Councillor. He has a strong background in community work. Ward 7 needs representation that is visible, vocal and accessible. Kris will be all of that and more. 

If Ward 7 truly wants change this October, Kris Andreychuk is the clear choice. He has the necessary credentials, integrity and work ethic.”


University of Calgary

“Kris Andreychuk has demonstrated exemplary social action practice in the 118 Avenue area of Edmonton.”


Avenue Edmonton Magazine

“He’s on the ground floor of several community initiatives to reduce crime in the 118th Avenue area.” 


Rita Feutl, Author

“Kris put together a program with the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society so kids caught stealing bicycles could instead build their own. This practical idea sparked my novel, Bike Thief. During interviews with him for background information, I realized just how much Kris cared about giving kids a safe place to learn some skills and to leave with a bike they could call their own.”


Dr. Joanne Minaker, Professor

“Kris cares. Period. For more than a decade I have seen Kris – in my classroom and throughout Edmonton – showing his genuine commitment to community safety, inclusion, and social engagement. He leads with wit and wisdom, always anchored in the value of human connection.”


Geoff Lilge, Community League Board Member

“Kris has been a true asset to our community – his ideas and energy are a breath of fresh air.”


Linda Blanchett, Business owner

“I have known Kris Andreychuk through two different lenses over the years. I’ve have had the opportunity to work with him when in his role as a communications officer at the City of Edmonton, as well as meeting him at social gatherings as a neighbour and friend. What I have found is that no matter what Kris does, he does it to the best of his ability. He is a hardworking, smart, reliable, friendly and conscientious man who would make an amazing councillor. Good luck Kris, we are all behind you.”


Kathy Barnhart, City Councillor

“When I was a Branch Manager for the City of Edmonton, Kris was beginning to stand out as one of the most dedicated and committed community workers that I can say I ever had the pleasure and privilege to work with in my 23 years there. Kris was boundless in his enthusiasm and creative in his approach to solving tough neighbourhood safety issues. I remember one project was about eyes on the street and it involved putting decals of people’s eyes on alley dumpsters. Believe or not, it’s the little things that sometimes send the clearest messages about looking out for one another. Safety was, and continues to be, a big concern of Kris’ and I am so happy to know he is still going strong and is interested in taking on more challenges.

For the record, and full disclosure, I am a Councillor for Beaumont and am not endorsing any one candidate over another. I appreciate the time and effort all candidates put into the running of an election race and wish everyone has the best experience possible.”


Dr. Brian Parker, Counsellor

“Kris is one of the most hardworking and passionate individuals I have ever met.  He is considerate and kind and cares about the betterment of Edmonton and ALL of its residents.”


Robin Mazumder, Doctoral candidate

I have the utmost respect for Kris. I’ve seen the passion with which he has worked to help make 118 Avenue a safer and more vibrant community and I know he’ll bring that dedication to the table at City Hall. Kris is a rare breed in the political landscape. His firsthand social work experience collaborating with the Edmonton Police to tackle complex societal issues gives him a unique perspective on the city and demonstrates he is capable of doing difficult, but necessary work. It also speaks to his innate sense of compassion, a quality I think is so important for politicians to possess. I can’t think of anyone more suited to serve Ward 7 on city council. Edmonton is lucky to have him.


Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE)

“As a Social Worker with a NET team Kris identifies innovative ways to make a positive difference by engaging others into action. He is well known and well respected by those in the community. He shows great skill when working with both community leaders and marginalized populations.”

Ashley Salvador & Travis Fong, YEGarden Suites

We have a vision for an Edmonton that provides it’s residents with a mix of housing choices that meet diverse and evolving needs, and we support walkable, compact, and attractive communities that foster physical and mental wellbeing. After meeting with Kris, we were thrilled to hear that he also prioritizes these issues and wants to create a better, more livable Edmonton. His passion and intelligence will undoubtedly enable him to help build a better city, not only in Ward 7, but Edmonton as a whole.


Agnieszka Matejko, Artist

“I have had the privilege of working with Kris on several community projects. Kris is one of the most honest and sincere people I know. His commitment to helping Edmonton grow as a vital, thriving community goes far beyond the call of duty. At the same time he has the skills to turn dreams into reality. He has rare character grates where organizational skills and pragmatism are combined human qualities of kindness and compassion.”


Shannon McEwen, Northlands Park and horse racing enthusiast

“Kris has a vested interest in the community, as a community member and citizen of Edmonton. Kris, like other community members would like to see the challenges faced by Ward 7 be addressed and work towards finding a solution. He is very receptive to hearing from local residents in the area and being the voice needed for Ward 7.

I urge, other voters in the area if you haven’t had the chance to meet Kris to do so and familiarize yourselves with his campaign.

I believe, he is the change that city council needs to see – a young professional with connections to both the community and business.”


Gina Gariano, The Spoke

Kris has a vision for what “community” looks like. You can see it in the windows of all the businesses on 118 Ave that display the “We Believe in 118” posters. That was just one of the many important initiatives Kris helped put forward to improve the communities in Ward 7. I’m excited to see what his vision brings to Edmontonians when he’s a City Councillor.




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